Friday, May 20, 2011

Free Poker Playing

I am not sure I am going to keep up with playing on the free site at PokerStars. Last night I was playing and trying to maintain the things I have been learning to do and it was not working. The people at this table were very loose and aggressive. They just did not seem to care about their chipstacks.

I am thinking about just stopping this type of play. It is not serving me any good to just sit there and play tight when it is just a shovefest. That was very frustrating.

I think what I will do is just sit back and build my bankroll up to a nice level and just start to hammer out at the $2-$20 table. I will not like just sitting back but maybe I can keep up by reading and preparing to

I am reading Little's new book on tournament play. It is a good book and easy to read.

One of the things I noticed last night was disregard for bet sizing. I think that is important when playing. When playing preflop I will usually bet about 2.5 to 3x the big blind. That is pretty standard. After that it depends on if I make a hand or better my hand. I try to change up the post flop betting so I don't seem to get into a pattern.

When I get a premium hand I maintain my betting sizes so it disguises the hand and not show I really have something. I am also working on my connected cards and trying to play them for straights or flushes. Of course I will not bet all the way down if it doesn't look like I will make it and they are betting into me.

I have been trying to read the board a little bit better as well. I have been asking myself what could they have. Dealers around here are trying to get a lot of hands in so thinking fast is something that I am working on as well.

Well, it seems I have to put most of this on hold so we will see how it goes.

Have a fun day.....

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Aaron said...

Free poker playing really is a free for all. There are no consequences for any action. I think the only real benefit you might get would be to practice patience of waiting for the kinds of hands you would want to play in the right positions. And then I would not be too worried about the results.