Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Poker Time

I haven't had a chance to play on PS the past couple of days. I have been working on the stock market and some other stuff.

I have been watching the Live@thebike and I really recommend it for those that want to watch a live game and learn from the announcers. These announcers are players themselves so they offer some good advice.

The game that is played is a 5-10 NLHE and they are live for 3 hours. They are on the air on Tuesday and Friday evenings at 7:30PM They have four announcers and they rotate through.

There is one player that seems to always be at the table and so this week I am not only watching and listening to the announcers but I am charting the hands for one of the players. They do show the hole cards. He is a winning player and this will give me an idea of how he does it in this game.

I also got the new book from Jonathan Little yesterday and I have started reading it as well. I think he is a down to earth type of teacher and will naturally help. Another good instructer is Chris Wilcox. You can find him at and he will do teaching as well.

Another person you need to watch is a new one that just put up a blog yesterday. This is Aaron and he can be found at and if you follow him you could also learn from him. He is a Cash Game player that has played for a number of years and wants to get to a new level and play cards for a living. I know I will be keeping track of his progress.

Have a fun day.....

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