Saturday, May 14, 2011

Something New

I am rather excited about a new project I am going to try and put together.

I was reading my group of blogs last night to catch up and I have a new one that I am watching and it is called "The Dan Plan". The reason this caught my eye was because here is a guy that has quit his job and he is putting is sole time into becoming a Professional Golfer. He figures it will take 10,000 hours and that is what he does on a daily basis.

He has a golf coach and a golf physical coach as well. One of them is giving his time to him since this is such an interesting plan. He is working from the inside or closest to the cup on out. He still has not hit a driver and he will not be doing that until it is time. He has gone through the putting part of 1 Ft, 3 Ft etc and now it looks like he is being allowed to hit the golf ball from 50 yds in when he plays the round.

What a way to learn and I hope he makes his dream. I will definitely be following him on his journey.

I got thinking about it last night and why not do something like that for me. I can call it the "The Steve Plan" and work on being a Poker Professional. What would it take? I would need a coach that would lay out the plan and then a nutrition coach to prepare for the long hours of playing since I am a diabetic. A fitness coach as well to take care of the stress of sitting and not moving. Is this possible?

I am going to try to put it together and I am going to try doing this via vLog as well. Never been good at movie cameras but it could be interesting to see what I am doing along the journey. I have always been a loner in learning but I really need some help on this one. I really would like to be a Professional Player and see if I can make it with my skill level.

Must have a plan.......What is the plan.......How long will it take.....
What do you think?.......

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