Thursday, May 19, 2011

Playing the Game

I sat down at the computer last night and opened up PS to start playing some more Free Poker.

I am wanting to learn patience with the hands and playing when I have a chance to win. The group tonight was Loose Aggressive. They would limp into the pot and wait till the flop came out before they would do

This meant there were quite a few chips on the table and we hadn't seen the flop yet. I decided this is the time to just play along if that is what they were going to do and play the flop as well. If I had a good flop I would raise 50 to 75% of the pot and see what happened. Usually a couple of people would come along for the ride.

I wasn't winning a lot of pots but I was able to stay right around the $340 area with a buy in of $400. I figured it was just a matter of time and patience until I would get a hand I could slow play and then build the pot.

I did finally find that hand and it was a 56 offsuit. My thinking was they were connected and I could see the flop cheap. The flop came out 789 and I had flopped a straight. I bet to build the pot and had one caller. My only concern was if he had a better straight since mine was in the middle. But he was calling anything. I ended up winning the hand when he called all the way down and I took down the big pot for me for the night.

I ended up playing 27 hands tonight and was up +118 to make the total now
-445. That play on the first day really hurt. I am doing better. I will try to play tonight.

Have a fun day.....

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