Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rainy Weekend

The clouds came in and got ugly looking. We ended up having thunder and lightening and the rain just poured down. I guess you could say it was raining cats and dogs around here. It really cooled the weather down from the high 70's and now we are lucky to get out of the high 50's.

After posting to the blog yesterday I put more thought into what I wanted to do with both the Stock Market and my Poker playing. I think I got myself sidetracked and started some bad habits in both of them. Since I can't play online for money and I didn't like the $2-$20 limit spread I was playing I was just getting trapped into a corner and not thinking about what I was trying to accomplish.

I decided to play some Free Online Poker last night and see how I would do with this. I really like to have the emotion and the feel of real money but also need to be realistic at where I am at at this moment.

I started out with $1,000 in free money and put up $400 and started to play like I would normally play at the real tables. I figure by seeing the hands and playing that way I should be able to get myself into a pattern of seeing the hands and playing properly.

I was not sure if I should play for a certain amount of money or play a certain amount of hands. I decided to play 50 hands and see how that went. I actually ended up playing 60 hands and when it was all said and done I was -$636. Such a great start.

I figure I am a little rusty in my hand reading and sure enough I was not paying attention like I should. I walked into hands that I should have let go. I then tried to get the money back and things just got worse.

After that session was done I then decided to not play the amount of hands but to concentrate on reading the cards better and to play for a certain amount of money. As soon as I reach the amount I have set for myself for that session then I will stop for the day. I will start out small until I am able to read the hands better and work up the amount I will play for.

This afternoon I then set myself for $50 and would stop after that. I did well and 9 hands into the session I was up $73. I wanted to continue to play but then told myself that I am setting these boundaries and will follow through. If all goes well then I will up the amount and play more hands later in the week. I am looking for improvement in the skills and not so much of the time I will spend playing the game.

I know that 9 hands does not make a session but it was positive and I felt I was able to do what I wanted. I need to make sure that I don't get too aggressive with hands when there are other options on the board. So far the play of these individuals are not real loose. They are willing to throw away hands if they are beat. They don't seem to have to see the river card and go to showdown. Makes it seem like a regular game.

For the time being I will log my results and see what happens. As far as playing in the live $2-$20 limit spread game, I will start back up but not right now. I think if I put myself through some training online maybe it will pay off at the real table.

I am trying to be more goal oriented and will see if it works.

Have a fun day......

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