Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Bankroll Time

I really needed to start off well with the first live game of the week. As I said yesterday I will use $100 as seed money for the bankroll. I will only use $20 per week to start and once that is gone I will have to wait till the next week to play again. When I started this same project over a year ago it went well from day one and I could only hope I could do this again. I sat down at the table with my $20 and started playing some hands I knew I shouldn't be involved with. Sometimes I will chase cards and that is not something I need to do. Old habits are hard to break sometimes. Learning pot odds and the percentages of cards showing up has been a hard one for me but having spent a year dealing and watching a lot of flops, turns and rivers I have some sense of reading and knowing when to play the cards. At least something good has come from the year of dealing. When my chipstack got to $10 I then realized what I was doing. I needed to be more conservative and wait for the hands that I needed. By that time I was down to $10 and would I have enough when the time came to play. I understand all of the player types at the table and they are playing loose passive. I needed to be patient. I did get a good hand in the big blind and played it for the straight and was able to get $20 in the pot. After that I got KK's and was able to add another $30 to my chipstack. I then was able to wait for good hands as I was over the $20 I was hoping for this evening. If I can double my buy in I am very happy. After an hour went by my chipstack was at $90 and I was finished for the evening. Tonight my bankroll is on track and is started. My plan is to play Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evening in the $2-4 limit game. Get the bankroll up and then possibly play in the tournaments. I played in the tournament after the cash game and did not place. Tournaments for me are what I call money suckers and I loose more playing them and not cashing to replinish the bankroll. I really like playing them but would rather play a deepstack type of tournament than the $5 lottery type. Lately I have been studying the Omaha Hi/Lo game and will be working with a couple of people to get ready for the live play. There is a $3-6 limit game I would like to get into but I want to be ready with my bankroll before I start playing. Playing online is an option but is illegal in the state of Washington and the only thing I could do is play the free money games. At least I would be able to see hands and practice. Have a fun day......

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