Monday, October 15, 2012

More Poker

On Sunday I got up and started the day as usual. I got myself going and went to Club 24 to start the new week working out. I am looking at some Core exercises that I can do to see if I can tighten the abdominal muscles now. I know I am loosing inches and I have some areas, especially in the stomach area, that can use some additional work. Not sure if I should add this to my day of walking and biking or if I will take a couple of days and just do the core exercises by themselves. Could depend on the time involved and how I feel after the workout. In the late afternoon the casino, here in town, has a freeroll they are putting on for 10 weeks. Each week the winner gets $50 and then all of the winners will come back on the 10th week and play for the $1000 prize pool. I decided to play this tournament and came in 6th place. It was fun and there were not very many people playing. I am not sure why. This is being put on in the bar area and not by the poker room. Doesn't matter to me since I would like to win one of these to get myself to play in the final for the $1,000 prize. The poker room had a Omaha Hi/Lo $4-8 limit game going. I am really not ready to sit down in this game. After reading what Flushdraww had to say I am even more not sure whether I am going to get involved in the game at all. When you start to figure out what the possibilities of winning are and the pots I am not sure I want to even start. We still have a group that is playing and practicing Omaha and maybe that is where I will keep this for now and not get to anxious in moving to this game. My interest still lies with the limit games and since $2-4 is the only one that seems to be going right now near me I will continue to get the bankroll to grow. Hopefully today I will receive my paycheck from Islands Casino. This will be the last one since they closed their doors on September 24. The owner does have a Casino over in Longview area and I still want to visit and see that casino. He did take our chairs that we as dealers bought a few months back and he did say we could have them back if we came over to the casino. We really would like them back even if it is just for the principle of the thing of not letting him have them. I went online to the Washington State Gambling Commission site and found out my name is still active for dealing. I did ask the state to refund my money since my license wasn't due till the 3rd of October and the Casino was closed on the 24th of September. They said they would do that but then I see my name is still active. Maybe I should look for a dealing job somewhere. Not sure I want to since I would rather play than deal. Just not my dream job. I had fun for the year but I would rather play. I see one of the other dealers was looking at being a prop for a casino and that would be fun but I am not sure about the bankroll aspect of doing that. It is time for me to get this day started and will get over to the Club for day 2 of this new week. Have a fun day...... Bankroll = $110

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