Wednesday, October 10, 2012


After last evening I was ready to get to the casino and play another evening of $2-4 limit poker. My day got started at noon today going to a friends house to practice playing Omaha Hi/Lo. I have been doing my study and now it is time to put in some practice sessions. I first stopped by my favorite wings place in town and picked up some Hot Wingz. We practiced Omaha and 7 card stud for a total of three hours. It didn't seem that long but when you enjoy playing the time does move fast. It was a good session and now I understand what I am looking for in the hands. Being patient and playing the top quality hands will be very important for me. We will practice again on Thursday. I then went to Club 24 to do my workout. It would have been easy for me to say lets wait till tomorrow but I don't like to take the time off since I want to lose this weight and get myself prepared to run a 5K at some point. I also feel better when I get to the club and start my workout. It just makes me feel good to do the time. This meant of course that I missed the evening $2-4 limit game. The next time I can play will be Thursday evening. Wednesday evening is the Omha Hi/Lo $3-6 limit and I am not ready for that. I would still like a bigger bankroll before I start. Have a fun day.... Bankroll = $90

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