Saturday, October 13, 2012

Busy Friday

The afternoon and evening were busy for me. I did get to the club and I did my workout. No issues with that as I finished in my alotted times. I must say I do feel better when it gets done. This was my 6th day in a row and I am taking today off. I have to let my body rest at least one day. I did a total of 18 miles of walking and 48 miles of bike riding for the week. Not bad for an old man. The dinner with my Dad went well. I had the Kibolsa with sauerkraut and he had the BBQ Beef on a bun. I was glad to have chosen the other as that would have been a little too much bread for me. The portion sizes were perfect. I told dad that this is the way I should be eating anyway. I was not left being hungry when I was done. They also brought in a christian singer which was nice but I was having a hard time because I was thinking of Mom the whole time. She would have loved the music and the fact we were together eating dinner. I know Dad is having issues as well but the way we deal with issues is not deal with it and not talk about it. It still really hurts not having her around but I also have to remember we lost her awhile back to Alzheimers and she was not the same person for a couple of years. Still I miss her and her smile. Love you Mom. The only thing left to do was to go to the home game and play some poker. We had a nice get together with more dealers tonight and we started playing the home game. I again was able to get to the final table and chop the pot with five of us and I got $40 to put on my bankroll. A few of us stayed later in the evening and started to play .5 - .10 Omaha Hi/Lo. This allowed me to play cheap and see hands to see how I would play since I had all of the practice during the week. It didn't go very well for me. We each started with $5 and I ended the night down $3. At least I am now seeing hands and watching the better players playing the hands. I hate two pair. I got myself looking for the high cards and should have been looking for the lows. I figure some more practice and I may get this game. Overall it was a good night and it was nice to get my bankroll back up. Have a fun day..... Bankroll = $90


FlushDraww said...

I am not quite understanding why you would want to play Omaha H/L in a cash game setting. Consider this.

Take 10 hands each a pot of $20 and you win 5 of them. In each one you personally contributed $6. In Holdem you contributed $6 ten times but won 5 pots of $20 each so $100 you took in less the $60 you contributed gives you a profit of $40.

Now same scenario in Omaha H/L it is most likely that 4 of the ones you win will be split, but we will even say that 2 of the pots you won were not split. you get $40 from the two you won outright but only $10 from each of the split pots. So $40 you took in from the non split pots plus another $10 each from the split pots is $70 less the $60 you contributed gives you a profit of $10.

Split pot games cannot be considered a +EV situation because so many times your recieving only half of what you normally would yet the cost to you to participate in these hands is never half price. And if you feel that you would try to win both sides of the pot high and low well of course thats what anyone would try but I can virtually guarantee you that out of 10 pots you win a minimum of 8 of them will be split. In the example provided you would have made 4 times as much profit from Holdem than you did from Omaha H/L yet you won the same amount of hands costing you the same amount of investment. Something worth thinking about.

Steve said...

Thanks FlushDraww for the feedback. I read your comment a couple of times and I can agree. Then I ask myself what am I really trying to do? Why am I changing to Omaha instead of what I know and can bring in money? Good guestions. Thanks and keep me thinking.