Thursday, October 18, 2012

Interview Time

I can not believe poker is taking a back seat at this moment. I have been busy this week doing other things like looking for work. I have been doing my two hours in the club every day and that wears me out. I weighed myself the other day and I am now down to 228. Remember last month I was down to 227 so getting back to that number is a big accomplishment. Loosing weight has become such a struggle for me and it really shouldn't. I do notice the inches coming off so maybe that is what is happening and I just don't see it that much. Right now playing poker is something I want to do but I need to keep the bankroll in tact and will use it to play a bigger game other than the $2-4 right now. Yes, playing is fun and enjoyable but I want to play in the games that give me a better chance of getting somewhere other than the small game. We have still been practicing the Omaha and 7 card stud game and they are fun. No where near going out and putting money on the line for them though. I went to an interview today and it was interesting. I had to complete a computer test in the 10 minute time frame. If I did this then I would go to the next step and get an interview. I made that with no problems. I won't find out if I have the job for at least a week. Customer Service position and it is only seasonal so that means I could get the job but only have it through Christmas and then be unemployed again. I really would prefer having a job that I could be happy with and stay awhile. I am still waiting for my final check from the Casino. They are over a week late now and I have left messages and no one is returning calls. I am starting to think the owner has stolen my paycheck and not only mine but others as well. I can't even get a call back from the WA State Gaming Commission on my license renewal. Not sure what to do next. Have a fun day..... Bankroll = $110


FlushDraww said...

Since you are not working and have some time on your hands do what I did. July 1st I started with $0 and signed up with Hero Poker on the Merge Network. On Hero they have 24 person PLO freerolls. First pays 50 cents, sennd 25 cents third 15 cents and fourth 10 cents. They run 3 of these at a time. Sometimes a bit slow to load but they do load up.

Once you have made a couple or three dollars in these every night at 8pm est they have 33 cent MTTs that are a $30 guarantee prizepool, always pay top 10 and always have an overlay. Tenth pays 60 cents all the way to first that pays $9.

This is what I did and I am now up over $200. I have a buddy who started about a month ago and is up over $30. You could do it too.

Steve said...

I am not sure I can do that in Washington State. I will have to take a look and see if I can load it up.