Friday, October 12, 2012

Thursday Play

My workout this week is going good. I have now gone five days in a row working on the treadmill for three miles and then the recumbent bike for eight miles. I am working on my interval times with each of them and I am looking at the 1/2 mile increments. As long as I end up with the proper time how I get there is not an issue. So, the total amount of miles right now is eleven miles. It is taking me 1 1/2 hours in the gym. Since I am not working I am now arriving at Club 24 at 1PM and out by 3PM. This gives me time to get home, make dinner, go to the casino if I am scheduled to play. Hopefully my weight loss will be better than last month when I do finally weigh in. I am scheduled to visit another Doctor in a couple of weeks. This could involve foot surgery. This will have a great impact on my exercising for a small amount of time. I know I must get this done and this is the best time to do this before I start to look for another job. I did go down to Jokers to play in the $2-4 limit game and I started out with the $20 buy in like I had planned. We had been playing for about 15 minutes and I had my stack built up to $45. My goal is to get a double up and then stop playing. This time I let greed get in the way of what my goal was. I continued to sit there and play and I got upset with the guy to my right playing every pot. I knew he was new to the game or at least he acted like it. I walked right into that mindset and before you knew it I had given all of the profit as well as the buy in back to the table. At least I had the right mind to get up and walk out. I was not going to play more than the $20 I was putting up for the night. I hope I learned something from this. My issue is when do I walk away from the table? I don't like the person who hits and runs. I don't want to be that person but I also want to maintain my bankroll and keep building it to be able to play in the bigger games. My next opportunity will be next Monday to play in this game again. At that time I can add another $20 back to my bankroll. Tonight I am going to have dinner with my Dad at the Assisted Living Home he is at. He talks about the food not being good but then when I go and eat they tend to do well. I do believe him though since institutional food is not the best stuff to eat. Well, I am off to the Club and time to get my workout going. Looking forward to tomorrow when I will take the day off. Have a fun day...... Bankroll = $70.00


Anonymous said...

I do the same thing about not walking away when I get up early. We need to quit worrying about what other players think and follow through with bank roll management. Keep working on your weight loss. Sorry about your foot. Also, Kudos to you for visiting your Dad. Thanks for the blog.

Steve said...

Thanks for following along.