Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend is Done

I played Friday night in the dealers home game. We have been able to keep the game alive and we have added a couple of people. We had 16 players this time. It was nice to see some of the players we have dealt to and they seem to be enjoying the time as well. I did not do well in the game this week as I did not make the final table. I did end up dealing to the table when it got down to the final seven. The tables only allow room for eight and when we get down to the seven it is nice to have someone come in and deal for the players. I also played in the Sunday freeroll down here at Joker's Casino. I did not do well in this one either. My straight was beat by a bigger straight on the river and then my QQ's got beat by A5 when a straight came on the river as well. Got to love it. I ended up getting paid today by Islands Casino for my last paycheck. I worked a whole week and they paid me for 8 hours. Just a little bit short of the hours I did work. Should have been around 24 hours but at least I got this. I am finally done with that part. Now I am waiting for my dealer license refund from the state. They said they were sending that out this week. Since I am off work now I will be having some surgery done in the middle of November. This has been needed for quite some time and I figure lets get it done before I get involved with something else. Now I am trying to complete the paperwork for unemployment and the dislocated worker program and hopefully I will get trained to do something else. I would like to get back to working with computers if I can manage some education to get some certifications and go from there. We will see what happens. Have a fun day..... Bankroll = $130

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