Monday, October 08, 2012

Slow Weekend

The weekend is finally done. This was the first weekend in a year I have not worked. It was a strange feeling not having something to do at all times. On Friday evening I did play poker in a home game. It was fun to sit down with the dealers again and with some of our friends. We chopped the prize pool at five players and we each got $30 for our efforts. I must welcome Flushdraww and giving me a shoutout on your blog. I am always looking for people that are trying to make it in poker and talking about how they are doing. I did not go to Club 24 on Saturday. I am going to take at least one day off maybe two during the week. This meant I was at the club on Sunday doing my workout. I was really sore in the feet and shin area and did not meet my time intervals until the end. On the recumbent bike I took it a little slower and that meant my workout lasted longer. That was fine with me. I made enchiladas on Saturday and now have enough for a few days as leftovers. My nutrition status over the weekend was not good. I ate a lot of junk food and that made me feel sort of down and heavy. I know how to solve that. I will be playing a tournament tonight and I am unsure whether I will play in the live game before. I have been studying the Hi/Lo Omaha game and would like to build a bankroll and see how I do with that. Tomorrow a couple of us will be getting together to discuss Omaha and how to play strategy and play the cards profitably. I would like to give myself the best chance to win and get my bankroll going again. Over this last year I had my bankroll up to $2500 and then we had issues with our heat pump going out during the summer and then our car had issues with oil and the radiator. It took a lot of the bankroll but at least we had the money to pay for these items. It just means I will have to work at it again. I plan on starting out small again like I did a year ago with $100 and play it up from there. I was playing $1-6 Spread limit at that time and now will have to work with $2-4 limit and see what I can do. We will see how I do tonight. I was able to watch some of the NASCAR race on Sunday and that was interesting to see the wreck at the end. At least Jeff Gordon made it through and he is now 5th in the Chase standings. The Seahawks are looking good so that is nice to see. I don't like them playing my Rams though. It is hard with my two favorite teams in the same division. I have been a Rams fan since the 60's so my allegiance stays with them. Have a fun day......

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