Friday, March 04, 2011

End of the Week

Here it is the end of the week and now we can go into the weekend and enjoy ourselves.

I have been toying with a schedule for playing tournament poker as well as getting into live cash games. I was emailing the NorthernQuest Casino in Spokane and finally the poker manager called me. We discussed the different options they have available. I want to play in live cash games but don't want to play in the $2-20 or $2-40 games they have here in town. If I am going to learn I want to play in either a $1-2 or $2-4 game. Spokane has a $3-6 game as well. I am trying to figure out which Tuesday I want to make the trip 2 1/2 hours to Spokane and play. I figure at this time I will only do this one day per month.

At this time I am going to continue to play at Jokers in only one of their tournaments. This will be the Friday afternoon game with T$10,000 starting chips and 20 minute rounds. This allows more time to skillfully play the game. Plus this is really close to the tournament structure of Wildhorse and NorthernQuest.

In April I have two dates already on my list. April 5 will be at NorthernQuest and April 19 at Wildhorse playing in the seniors event. The rest of my time will be studying the game.

I finally made a decision with my stock trading. I have purchased the small dogs of the dow and will let them run. I have done this before and it was working well for me. I did leave half of my capital to trade anytime I wanted if I felt I found a stock that met my criteria. I will be watching the market more and watching the stocks of the Dow to make sure they are doing what I think they will be doing.

I have been reading the book "Early Retirement Extreme" and I find this book very interesting. It has a different perspective on life and how we live and how we where raised. You must think outside of the box with this one. Three things at the start of this book interested me.
1. Reduce waste and increase efficiency.
2. Invest the difference in businesses.
3. Find something meaningful to do other than work.
Then the book went into Economic Classifications.
Salary Man
Working Man
Renaissance Man
Very interesting reading.

Oh yes, I did play in the Friday tournament. Out of 38 runners I ended up being 11th. Sounds familiar. I know what I am doing and I need to find a way to stop the thinking that I must get chips now and go all in with a hand I would normally play differently in the other stages. I went out with 55 vs KK and I didn't get better with the other 5 cards. Maybe shock therapy? I had no real reason to go all in at that time. There were others that would have needed to play and possibly go out before me. My first goal is always to get to the final table but for some reason I am sabotaging that. Got to change my thinking somehow.

Have a fun weekend......

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