Monday, March 07, 2011

Yard Work

Ever since we bought this house back in 1993 I have been trying to find the landlord to fix things around this place. I have been working in the back yard lifting concrete blocks out of the dirt when I tried to lay a patio. That didn't go very well. I have been putting ads in Craigslist to get rid of them and so far I have gotten rid of 75 and I have about 10 left. I have other kinds as well, the decorative ones but so far no one is interested.

We had my birthday dinner last night and the family was here to enjoy my enchiladas and chile relleno's. Finding some good chiles is hard now days and they are breaking apart once out of the cans. I ended up making a casserole out of them and it turned out alright. I guess I will need to start doing them from scratch and picking up some chiles from the store.

I have been watching the "Live@thebike" and wow I am learning quite a bit about playing live cash tournaments. They come on every Tuesday and Friday evening for 3 hours and they discuss what the strategy of playing the hands that we see. One of the regulars was up in the booth the other day and I bet he learned alot by watching his fellow players and how they play hands. It will be interesting to see him play the next time if he is around this group. I am a very visual type of person so watching this should help me when I start playing the cash game soon.

Since the gas prices are so high I am wondering if it would be worth it to play in the $1-2 game in Spokane with the gas prices and all. I could just learn to play here a little bit more tightly and play the $2-20. I don't like it but I may have to learn to like it and see if I can earn my money in this game. Right now I will spend the week studying the game.

My stocks didn't do well today. I woke up and checked the market and it was down. So, Friday and Monday were down days and my account showed it. I need to just hang in there and now that I am in the market I need to work it now. I have 5 Dow stocks and 2 others. I will continue to buy and sell from the other 2 and leave the 5 Dows alone.

Have a fun day......

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