Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tuesday Play

I head down to the Casino about 8PM to make sure I get a seat at the table if they are going to have a live game tonight. When I get there the seats are starting to fill up so I quickly take seat 9 and buy my chips for the night.

In seat 2 and 5 are the two teenagers that were there the other night. They buy in for about $40 each and hope to build it through the night. We started out with six players tonight and immediately I get two pair and loose to a full house. This put my chip stack down early and I figure I just need to be patient and pick my spots.

About 15 to 20 minutes into the game we have a full table. Two of the ones that sat down are playing very loose aggressive. The hands I want to limp in with to see a pot are raised to the point it is not worth it to call them so I let them go.

Throughout my time playing tonight I didn't get any type of hands that would let me play and if I did nothing on the flop helped with such big raises being put out.

I am back to reading "Cash Games" by Dan Harrington. See if I can pick up anything I have missed in reading his book the last time. Need to watch the game at Live@thebike from last night as well.

Weekly Total: -$110

This week I seem to be giving what I got last week back.

I am spending some more time looking at the Stock Market and Dividends. I would like to find some stocks that would pay dividends on a Monthly basis.

Have a fun day......

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