Thursday, March 17, 2011


If I can't play it at least I can watch it. I have been watching the Live@theBike broadcast the last few weeks. It is a great way to learn and watch a cash game in action. It goes for three hours on Tuesday and Friday evening and they even have them archived so you can watch them later. Good stuff with good announcers and if you twitter them they will even answer your questions on the air.

Since I have had so much stuff going on with my Mom and Dad I decided to pull out of the stock market for now. I have remained in CMI and SIRI only because that has been my plan for them but for the rest of the Small Dogs of the Dow I went ahead and took a loss and got out. Just too much going on lately. It even shows in my blog. I am not writing as often.

I decided to play poker last night at Jokers Casino in the Live Cash Game. The game is a $2-20 Limit Spread. I started the evening with $200 and quickly got it up to around $240 and was playing tight and folding early on things that didn't work out. Then I started to get hands and I failed to read the board for possible made hands by the other players. I went all the way down to around $80 and had to regroup and went back to playing tight and waiting for my opportunities again. Eventually the cards came back to my favor and I was able to get my stack back up to the $200 mark and then I left the game. It was at the two hour mark anyway and time to go home.

One of the players had KK, JJ, KK, KK, AA all in a row. We could not believe the five straight hands he got. We didn't want to play against him at all during that stretch. Another player got Quad Aces and won the jackpot for $568 dollars. That would have been nice. I can see where you don't want to just settle on pairs and you want to at least have two pair and above. We were seeing quite a few two pair, straights, flushes and a few full houses. I need to learn how to play my hands looking for the best possible and not rely on the pair to win the pot.

Today is the day that my Mom will be admitted to the Hospice care and so it is going to be a busy day. It will be nice to have some help with her and to make the decisions for us since we have made this one to get the help. I also need to go to the hospital to get my x-ray done of my neck to see how the surgery went and to make sure the wedge is in the appropriate spot and has taken well between C6 and C7. I am still in some pain but not much.

Today also the PPA is in Washington State in Olympia. I wish I could be there to help out. It is important for us to get our online poker back in the state. That was my training ground to prepare me for the casinos. It doesn't cost as much and you can see so many hands before you step into the casino and put a bigger chunk of your bankroll at risk. Now I have a bigger risk just to play the tournaments and cash games. No chance at building the bankroll unless I do it at the live tables. I hope they listen to the group that is there.

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Have a good day.....

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