Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Week Ahead

I have enjoyed the weekend and now it is time to get back to the action.

I have done some poker study and watched some Live@thebike. I really enjoy the blogs that I read and need to somehow figure out how I can add them to my blog list so people can see what I am reading. I did finally get the adsense going but need to do some more study on how I can make a better site. I have even thought about creating a blog with another site and do a monthly pay but this is so nice and free I just can't get away from it.

I have been very happy with Live@thebike and if you want to watch and learn from some players playing a live game you have to go to this site. You can pay to watch all of the archived videos or you can stay on the free side and have the ability to watch the two latest archived sessions. Myself, I have been watching live up until this last Tuesday since now I am in the casino playing at that time. So, during the day after the session I will watch the video in archive.

There are four announcers and they take turns doing the sessions. If you twitter the announcers they will answer your questions as well. The URL is, sign up and you can get started learning. The sessions are three hours long and it is time well spent. One of the announcers is also working on putting together another site to teach online play.

My goals for last week went well and I was pleasantly surprised at what I was able to accomplish. This week I will set my goals and work on them for the next four days. This week my goals are:

1) Make $50 at the table for the week.
2) Play a total of 8 hours for the week.

I know the goals are minimal and don't really push the envelope. Especially after last week making $152 at the table. I could push that up to $100 but I want to make sure the $50 is reachable and I am playing appropriately for my bankroll. I am very happy at this time to continue to keep things small. I know where I want to end up so I will keep things attainable.

After this week is done I will make a trip up to Spokane to play in the Spring Fling at NorthernQuest. I will play in a Seniors Tournament event. I want to try some cash games up there as well. At this time the Seniors event is the goal and if I go out early I will play in the live cash games. My goal is to cash in the tournament and will gear my mind towards that one.

I hope everyone has a good week at the tables.

Have a fun day......


Mother Undercover said...

Steve,thanks for your note. Have you played in the big tounament that is in Pendalton Oregon? I hear its a good one and they splash the prize pool with vacations etc.
I might have misread your post but i think you mentioned you wanted to figure out how to follow bloggers and show others who you are following, When you are on a bloggers page in the upper left corner of the page there is a link next to a search window that says FOLLOW... click on that and its connected to your page.
Cash me out!

steve said...

Yes, I have been playing in the tournaments in Pendleton for about 3 years now. I really enjoy them. Great tournament structure. I found out that Spokane has a tournament as well. I plan on playing in both. The last time I played in Pendleton I was 80/245 players. Played well. I have been trying to put the blogs I read on my site. Thanks for the post.