Monday, March 28, 2011

Short Night

I headed down to the Casino a little after 8PM to make sure I got a seat at the Live table. After waiting for about an hour for the players to show up we only had three of us with money on the table.

So, tonight is one of those nights when we don't play. I knew this going in when I started just playing live games. I have been there for tournaments and watched as no one showed up for the live game afterwards.

This gave me time to talk with one of the casino dealers about putting on other games instead of just $2-$20 or $2-$40 limit spread. I told them about NorthernQuest and how they are working with new players at the
$1-$2 level and that is helping to bring in new players and helping them
grow to other limits. We will see what happens.

My Weekly Total (WT): -$25

Yes, this week I am starting out in the hole. I used some of my bankroll for something other than poker so now I need to cover that.

Early Retirement Extreme: I have been reading the blog and catching up on his 21 days of retirement. I finished them today and must say he has some good ideas. Some of them would be hard to accomplish but will be able to do some of them in moderation. There is always ideas you can get out of his writings that will help anyone trying to retire early.

Home early tonight. Have a fun day.......

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