Thursday, March 31, 2011


I know this is Thursday but I wanted to let you know what I did on Wednesday.

I was unable to make the Live Cash game at Jokers last night. I went to an Open House at my Dad's Assisted Living facilities last night and then went grocery shopping with my wife. Something we needed to do since we were running low on supplies.

I guess you could call it a day off from the table and maybe that will help me recharge after playing the week prior. Maybe to rethink strategy after loosing the $85 at the table last night. I understand variance so I am not concerned but need to figure out how to play certain hands and to relook at my betting and why I am entering pots.

I am trying to read the board texture and what it could mean for me as well as the other player. My main concern is that I don't want to be bluffed off of a hand by over thinking the possibilities. I have now gone back to rereading "Harrington on Cash Games" and hope this might help me or at least give me more things to think about. Then I hope I don't get into brain freeze by over thinking.

I am also thinking about playing in the Friday tournament tomorrow because I need to play and get ready for the Seniors event at NorthernQuest on April 5. I am happy with my Tournament play and hope I do well. Again it is the betting part that concerns me.

Actually I have been busy reading and then working on the stock market as well. One of my stocks is in the middle of giving a dividend and I have been looking for my next stock to get into. I have been working on building that capital as well. So far I am down in the account due to some commissions that I have paid for stocks that haven't moved.

Now that I am done with the three months of post surgery I will start going to Physical Therapy today. Hopefully this will help the neck and strengthen the muscles.

Have a fun day.....

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