Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Staying with it

Last night I went to Jokers Casino to play the live cash game. The game is $2-$20 limit spread. I have to keep saying I am not a fan of this game but since it is the only one available I will keep trying to master the game.

I paid my money for the chips I was going to use tonight. Last night was a good session and I was hoping tonight would be the same. My goal is very small and I want to make $50 for the week. I have been doing my study at home and watching Live@theBike for any tidbits of knowledge I can glean from the announcers. It makes it hard when you don't have someone to bounce ideas off of when wanting to discuss hands and the proper way to play.

This evening I was not getting the hands early. My army of chips was dwindling down to a point I needed to decide whether to stay or pack it up and go home. I would be down for the night and this would take about half of my buyin. I am learning that you risk more than what is coming back into your chip stack. I guess you would call this varience. You can't expect to win every night.

I am still at the table and already we have about five people that have already busted. The person in seat nine was good, real good and was talking about the hands he was playing and what he expected the other people to do with their hands while playing. He was talking hand ranges and what he would play and not play. He was always reading the texture of the board. These are things that I need to learn.

We are about one hour and fortyfive minutes into this session and I am still here with a dwindling stack. I have decided that I was going to shut down after the button passed me one more time. About the time the button was getting close I got 22. Finally a pocket pair and lets limp in and see what happens on the flop. I was hoping a 2 would come on the flop and allow me to build back some chips. I ended up getting quite a few limpers to come along and now we wait for the flop.

The flop comes 2xx. Wow, I made the set and now it was time to build the pot. I raised and I had two callers. The turn card came out and I raised again. This time I got one caller. After the river card was played I bet out and the chips were mine. Not bad and I made some money back and still I was going to get out of the game after the button.

The very next hand I got JJ. Another pocket pair. I started to think, I could do this again. There were a number of callers and we went to the flop. 77x. I figured if someone had a 7 they would bet. I raised the pot to see if anyone would claim the pot and no one did. I ended up taking this pot as well. Now I was over the amount of my buyin. I was still waiting for the button to come around and then would walk away.

Before the button made it back to me two more people were busted out of the game and we got down to four players. At that time the game was done. I counted my chips and I was up $15 for the night. I spent 2 hours at the table tonight playing the game and thank goodness I didn't leave prior to the two hands that helped me get back.

Remember the goal is $50 per week at this time and right now I am at $30 for the week. I have two more nights to play this week and we will see if I meet my goal.

Why do I even mess with playing the stock market. It has been crazy. I am really thinking about just buying stocks that pay a good dividend and watching them grow. At this point I am mainly in cash waiting for the market to define itself. There are so many things going on in the markets that it is hard to keep up sometimes.

Have a fun day......

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