Friday, August 12, 2011


This morning I played at Island Casino in the $1-6 limit spread game. This game only goes for about an hour before the actual tournament starts. At least I am getting some time in.

Played in the tournament as well and today I came in 8th place at the final table. They had about 20 starters for the morning.

We will be leaving early tomorrow morning and I will be playing at NorthernQuest. It could be a $2-4 or $3-6 Limit game. It doesn't matter to me.

On a different subject, I have been doing some reading on diets. I don't like the word diet and will not do any of it. I understand it has to be a life style change and you have to want to do that. Sometimes the finances will push you towards doing something different.

I have been trying to purchase food that we will use and hopefully get us to live a little bit healthier. Having read "On a Dollar a Day" and some others that have given me ideas of ways I can cook and still enjoy eating foods we like. Got to think outside of the box sometimes.

Travel is something that I really want to do and would like to find a motorhome that someday I can get out and see some sights. I have been reading about "Couch Surfing" or staying in homes that are open for people to stay in. Such interesting concepts and have never thought about that way of travelling.

Of course non of this can happen while I am taking care of my parents. Someday I hope it can happen. In the meantime I read travel blogs and I dream that someday that it will be me out there seeing what the US has to offer.

Have a good weekend......

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