Sunday, August 07, 2011

More Poker

I decided to head off to Legends Casino today to play in the $3-6 game they have. It just meant I would take off at 1115 and arrive by shuttle by 1230 and wouldn't get into a game until around 3PM and then play till 4:45 and then back home at 6:30 via the shuttle again. All of this and not guaranteed of playing.

I then decided to go to Islands Casino in Kennewick because I do like their breakfasts and the they are cheap. When I got there I was greated by the Poker Manager and I had a chance to talk with him. He told me they have a game every day starting at 9AM of $1-6 Limit. They stop the game at 10:30 and have a tournament that costs $20 to enter. Now this sounds like something I should have done a long time ago.

I sat down at a full table playing the $1-6 and I actually enjoyed playing with these guys. No real stress going on and they were playing appropriately and not throwing chips around. I ended up making to buy ins for the live game. At 10:30 we finished the game and moved into the Tournament. We had about 20 people playing. I must say I was pleased. I even got comped my breakfast for 1/2 half. I had Steak, Eggs, Hashbrowns and toast for $4. Can't beat that.

TT: 15 Hours
Time: 1 1/2 Hours
BI: $40
CO: 0
RBR: -$207

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