Wednesday, August 17, 2011


When I got up this morning my intention was not to play poker today. I was going to play on Friday and possibly play at Legends. The decision had not been made yet. I made a list of things around the house as well as places I needed to go. There were things I needed to accomplish today.

It was during my process of getting my shower and getting dressed for the day that I realized that today was the Freeroll for Islands Casino and that if I played in the live game for at least 30 minutes my name would go on the list of participants first. Well, that makes it a done deal. I am now headed to Islands to play some live $1-$6 limit and then play the tournament. Wait, didn't I say at some point that I wanted to back out of playing tournaments? Come on now, this is Free. Can't pass on that one.

I sat down at the table and bought in for the usual $20. I then proceeded to loose the $20 on hands that were good but the other players had one better. I did end up buying in for another $10 and that would be it for the day. One of the hands I played was KK. The flop came QQQ. Now with that flop you have to be good right? The Turn and the River were cards that didn't matter. I turned over my cards for the Full House and the other person turned over AQ. Wow, that was my luck today.

As the next hand was being dealt one of the dealers mentioned that my hand qualified as the "Regressive Bad Beat Hand" and it was worth $500. It would pay out for Me at $300, since I got the Bad Beat, and $100 for the person giving the Bad Beat. The rest of the table would split $100. I am up for this one since $300 would be nice for my bankroll. They of course would have to have Security look at the tapes and then would pay out the money. It took some time but when they did finally call the dealer she told me they did not have both cards the KK's and the AQ in the same frame on the table and would not pay out the $500.

Oh my Goodness, I was flipping a lid at this point. How could security miss such a hand when they have cameras all over the joint. I just figured my luck. The three dealers that saw the hand and others said this is not right since they would be out money as well. At this point the big boss walked into the Casino and he was immediately taken aside and told what happened. He said he would go see for himself. He made a phone call to the dealer eventually and he made the decision to pay out the $500 since it was the right thing to do.

After I was paid the money the FreeRoll was getting started. I sat down in my spot and I could do nothing wrong as far as playing the correct hands and getting the cards when I needed them. I was busting people and building my chip stack. My decisions were right on at what to do. I guess you could call this "being in the zone".

There were 50 runners and I was able to get to the final table and for this tournament they paid 5 spots. My goals are always to get to the final table first and then get to the money. Once at the money I will then play for the win. We finally got down to 4 players and one of the chip leaders needed to go to work. We decided to chop the money 4 ways at that point. My part was $65.

It made for a very interesting 3 hours of my day.

Have a good day......

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Aaron said...

Congratulation on the bad beat, I cant believe they almost did not pay it out to you. Where I play they have a pretty active Monte Board, and if someone gets a jackpot they leave the hand on the table until security makes sure they get what they need and authorizes the dealers to deal the next hand. That way nothing like that can happen