Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What have you done lately?

Having found the cash game and the tournaments that I like to play and not hurting my bankroll completely. I feel I can play at Islands Casino and get the hours in as well as seeing the cards that will help me improve my game.

On Monday I was there at the Casino around 10AM in the morning and they got a $1-6 game going. I ended up cashing out positive in this one and it felt good to finally turn this around. I just need to be more patient and with the blinds small enough I can wait for the hands I want to play for.

I also bought in for the tournament and of course did not cash but the time spent working on my game was good as well as the buy in was cheap enough that anything I brought in with the cash game prior to the tournament helps out for paying the buyin.

Today I went back and again played in the $1-6 cash game and anybody that was playing in the game was signed up first for the Freeroll that started at 1100AM. They ended up having about 40 people start the tournament and I ended up at the final table and placed in 8th place.

My best play was JJ's and the flop came out with 3 spades. Since I was first to play I bet and put pressure on the other player. He ended up folding. I talked with him later and asked him what he had and he said he had KK's but was afraid because the size of my bet, that I had the flush and so he threw it away. Pressure does work.

I am going to continue to work on my game at Islands Casino. I will be deciding what days I want to play as I don't need to be playing every day and to get some type of balance in my playing and the things I need to do at home. Of course it looks like Wednesday will be one of those days.

I went back through my Poker ledger and broke out my Tournament play as well as my Cash game time. Tournament play has got to be for fun and so I need to find lower buyins for those and I think I found it and the cash game tells me I need to stay away from the $2-10 games as they are not helping my bankroll any. I do better with the $1-6 and the $3-6 games.

This weekend I will be at NorthernQuest and will play in their $3-6 game. Looking forward to the time and hope I run good.

Have fun.....

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