Sunday, August 07, 2011

I am not done yet!!!

I decided to play in the Jokers Casino afternoon tournament. This is the one I enjoy playing at $40 buy in and it gives you T$10,000 in chips and has 20 minute rounds.

Today I was at a table with some very good players. One of them plays down in LA and he does well. Another person I have seen play before and he is very strong.

Both of these players are on my Left. Not where I want them but that will make me play tight and see how I do against some better players.

I was chipping up nicely and had not had to run up against these guys very much. I was being taken off of hands by the betting these guys where doing so I knew I would have to take a stand soon.

One hand I got was AA. I raised pre-flop and was called by two people. Both of the people I did not want to play with. On the flop game 243. I made a continuation bet and was called. On the turn was a J. I again made the bet and was called. On the River came a blank. I went all in. The person tanked and he said he couldn't call me. I had him covered as well. I talked with him later and he told me he had two pair but felt I had the straight with the way I played the hand. Thats what I wanted.

The next one was AK. This one came down to me and the person that plays in LA. I bet pre-flop again and he called me. The flop came out xxx and I made a continuation bet. He called me again. The turn came out another brick for me. I made another bet and he then called again. The river came a K and I went all in and he sat there and contemplated a call. He took a bit but eventually folded. I must not have showed I was running scared or he would have called me. He didn't show what he had. He said he put me on AK from the start but still he couldn't call me. He started talking about how he should have 3bet me on the flop. I think I had both players confused a little bit.

Hopefully in tournament poker I am learning it is not always the cards you have to play. I need to take this new aggression and use it constructively and not get wild with this type of play. This is what Jerry Yang was doing with his hands.

I did end up bubbling the final table and was in 11th place today. My KJ lost to AJ.

I will look at my schedule for the week and will be playing at NorthernQuest on Saturday this week. Looking forward to the $3-6 Limit game.

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