Thursday, August 18, 2011


I think it is so sad that we have people moving to other countries so they can make a living playing poker. I don't blame them in any way shape or form. I think people need to do whatever they can to make a living. I guess it is hard to try and figure out why our government feels the need to control the fact we can't play poker.

I can understand if the companies are doing something illegal as laundering the payments back to the US but why make the American people pay for someone elses mistake. I hope that this can be taken care of soon. I know that if I get any calls for my opinion on voting my first question will be "Do they support Poker"? I hope a lot of other people do the same thing. We need to support those that will help us get our game back. Even if you don't play poker it could have been something you like to do. We need to be supportive and work together.

My goodness, are we ever going to settle the stock market down. Just when you think it might stop and rest for a bit there it goes again. One day my stocks are up and I am looking good and the next day the stocks are down and I am not so happy. I guess if I was real nervous or upset about this whole mess I would just sell my stocks and put my money under the mattress. I am not ready to do that yet. I am still a believer in the American Dream and I hope it works out for us.

Back in 1970 I was given a watch from my first boss I ever worked for. He gave me a Wittnauer watch. I wore it for awhile and then put it away and it has been stored for a long time. I finally pulled it out today and took it down to the Jewelers to see if they could spruce it up. I am sure it still works just needs to be cleaned. He is also going to open it up and take a look at the serial number to see when it was made. I know when I got it it was not new so it will be over 41 years old. I will either keep it or sell it and I am not sure yet what I will do with it. I don't wear watches anymore so we will see.

Today was not a poker day for me. I spent the morning driving my Dad to his appointments. I will play tomorrow for sure just not sure yet whether it will be here at Islands Casino or Legends Casino. I guess I will know in the morning how I feel about either one. I like the fact I can play here but if I go to Legends I can play longer and in a $3-$6 game as well.

Have a good day......

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