Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wednesday Poker

Now that my yard work was done over the last few days I was ready to
spend some time at the poker table.

I like the $1-$6 limit game and got sat down with my buyin. The best laydown of the day for me occurred on one of the first hands. I had 99 and wanted to see a flop. Looking for that set. The flop came xQx. The other person raised the pot and I asked her if she got the Q. I then layed down the hand and she showed me the Q. I know this is pretty much
a standard play but normally I would have gone fishing for that other 9.

The best play of the day was on the very last hand before the tournament started. I have 99 and we ended up getting quite a bit into the pot.
The board came 9JJ and after the flop the other person showed the
and I showed my full house. That pushed me into the positive for the session.

I was also told today that Islands Casino will be starting a Poker League and for the first five weeks we will be playing one of the HORSE games each week. After that we will play NLHE. They will be doing the league in 5 week increments with the result having the leader winning a seat at the WSOP in 2012. Yes, I have a chance. I am now learning all of the games that we will be playing. I am presently reading a book by Sam
Farha on Omaha Hi/Lo. I will be finding out the schedule soon.

I am also starting the Tax class this next Monday and will be 6 hours of class time each week. Glad the classes are from 3PM to 6PM on Monday and Wednesday. This will allow me to keep my poker schedule in the mornings.

Someone on Twitter yesterday wrote this and I thought it was good. "Marriage, betting someone half your shit that you'll love them forever." We are all gamblers. You don't believe that then why do you have insurance? Your betting that you won't have an accident and the insurance is betting you will. Or is that the other way around?

Well, off to play the cash game this morning. Have a nice day.....

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