Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Today for me was a no poker day. I decided to give myself some time and just think about the game and do some study in the books. I read quite a bit from the Bluff Magazine and also reading two books at this time. One from Annie Duke and the other from Elky Grospellier. One of the things that I have to continually think about while reading these books is that they are about the No Limit Tournament game and not so much about the Low Limit Cash game that I play now. I still do tournaments but not as often. I am trying to specialize in the Cash Game. Maybe tomorrow I will go play at Islands in their $1-$6 game.

I did get to spend some time looking over my couponing stuff. Yes, I am trying to coupon more. I am not going to be one of those that will have a backroom full of stuff. I just can't get into all of that but I do want to save some money when I can. We have a friend that is doing this couponing stuff and she posted on FaceBook about her finds. I looked at that and couldn't figure out how she did it. Well, after I sat down and looked over my websites I have I finally found out what she was looking at. I then took off for the store and was immediately hit with the fact that I was a little bit late in my shopping for the same deals. The shelves were empty for the products she bought. Oh well. Another day and better planning.

We had dinner with some friends tonight and our discussion turned to Pharmacies. We really feel that they are trying to kill all of us Baby Boomers by not allowing us to have certain medications that are needed. They don't seem to care that we are getting older and we need our meds. Some of that is our government as well taking things away or so we can pay for their salaries and/or their big bus. Don't get me started on the political stuff. Maybe I should open up a bit.

Stock Market has been crazy. I have decided to just hang on with the three stocks that I have and they are ARR, CIM and FTR. The first two are REITS and I get a Dividend from them. As long as the interest rates stay down, and they are supposed too, for the next couple of years. I hope they will do well for me. The third one is a telecommunication stock and it also gives a dividend. I guess for now I am in a hold position. I still hate to see the market going up and down like they are. I read today that some of the issues have to do with the flash traders. I guess those are the ones that have robot computer trading. Wouldn't that be nice. What about the rest of us folks trying to make it the old fashioned way.

As you have noticed on this blog I have included a little bit more than the usual just poker. I have decided to go back to writing everything in one spot instead of breaking it out into three seperate blogs. Hopefully this will work out better and maybe I will keep up better with writing.

Enough for this blog. Have a fun day......

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