Saturday, August 27, 2011

It's Hot here

This should be the final day that we have the opportunity to break the 100 degree mark. School starts this next week and for years I have seen the temperature start to drop when school gets going. Trees are already changing their color and I will enjoy some cooler weather. This summer we have not seen one day in the 100 degree area. What does that mean for this winter?

Poker for the last couple of days has been good. I played in the $1-$6 Limit spread and basically went down $8 and back to even with yesterdays up $8. I know I won't get rich with this low limit game but I am seeing hands and I am holding my own.

In a couple of weeks I will be going back up to NorthernQuest and will play in the $3-$6 game again. At least that is a once a month trip. The rest of the time I will be playing the lower limit here in town.

Evidently another casino in town is putting on some Freerolls and putting in $150 to the pot. Islands has now decided to play war with them and is starting, this next week, Freerolls of their own. They will have them everyday and they are putting $200 into the pot. Here I am trying to play more cash and this free money now in the freerolls is sitting there for the taking. I will be playing the cash game before the tournament and then get into the tournament and see what happens.

Today I was reading my list of blogs that I normally run through and I agree with Having something taken away from all of us that we enjoyed and was there for us to have the dream of making some good money by studying and working hard. You need to go read her blog.

Enjoying the weekend.....

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