Friday, August 19, 2011


I did play today. I stayed home and played at Islands Casino. I got to the casino at my usual time and sat down at the table. No one else was around but the dealers. So, today there was no live game.

I did play in the tournament with 12 people today. I must say I didn't last very long with 8 people remaining. One of those days when I couldn't get any cards and couldn't make any plays as well.

Even though we have not reached the 100 degree mark around here it is still guite warm in the mid 90's. It just takes a bunch out of you and you don't want to spend a lot of time outside.

I have come to the time of year when I must make some decisions. I have been trying to get through the Tax course and every time I attempt it I have some medical event that causes me to stop. Do I try it again this year? I do have an opportunity with one of the places to do the course online. This might be my best opportunity to get this done this year. I guess the only thing now is if I can get a job after completion or do they look at the people that take the class in person. I have a week to make this decision so will see what happens. I sent an email off to the company with my questions and will see if they respond.

Have a fun day........

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