Monday, August 22, 2011


I got up this morning and decided that I wouldn't play poker today. I really needed to do some stuff around the house. I ended up mowing the front yard and since we do not have underground sprinklers I have to move the water around every hour to get this done. That alone takes 7 hours to get done. Tomorrow I will work on the back yard and get it done.

It has been so hot around here. I used to be able to stand the heat. Now I can't stay out in it very long. I think it has to do with being older. That is what my doctor usually tells me when I talk to him.

Today I signed up to take another Tax Class. This will be the third try to get this done. I started a number of years ago and every time I would get into it something would come up that would make me back away and not finish. I hope I can make it this time.

I took my coupons to Fred Meyer today and purchased some things that were on sale. Trying to understand how to make that work as well.

Have a good day......

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