Thursday, April 26, 2012

Biggest Loss

I dealt the first tournament yesterday morning. It went well and we were getting ready for the second one. In the meantime we sat down to play some live game. Dropping a couple of $20's during the morning game is usual for me. We get shorthanded and I start opening up my game and then it seems to go pretty fast. I am out and then at some point I will deal the game and get into the rotation. I did go back to playing in the game and clocked out due do not having a game. I then put a full buy in on the table to start the next part of the game. This was the hardest one ever where I couldn't pick up a hand at all. Everything I had that was good was trumped one better. I know there are days like this and I just have to work through them. I went back in the evening and played a tournament and placed in 6th and didn't get the money by 2 spots. I figured why not stick around and play some more live. I bought in with a full buy in again and by the time I went home I had about half of that left. What a day. I am back to working on my bankroll again. I let too much go this week. I can get this back up but it will take me a bit to do it. The cards where not with me on Wednesday. You will notice that blogspot puts all the words together. Even though I put them in paragraghs they don't show up like it should. I wish they would fix that. Have a nice day......

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