Thursday, April 19, 2012

Live Wednesday

So far this has been a very good week for me.

Even though we only had one tournament yesterday it was a good day. After the tournament was done I offered to help wash chips. The first part is easy as all you need to do was put them in the tray and place them in the dishwasher. It only takes about a minute or two and they are all washed and rinsed and all we needed to do was wipe them off.

We cleaned 1000 chips. They look so nice and clean and they were stacked back in their racks and put back in our vault. It is nice to do that every so often since they just start looking dirty. So many hands are handling them and then leave grime on them. I am sure they enjoyed their bath.

One of our Islands staff is going to be dealing in the WSOP. We are so proud of her and also getting to do something she has dreamed about for quite awhile. She has an opportunity now to build on this.

I decided to come back to the casino and play in the bounty tournament at 6pm. When I got there we were able to get a live game going as well. We played $2-$10 Spread Limit. After about 30 minutes of playing the tournament was cancelled and we just continued on at the table. My plan was not to stay past 8pm. I have to work the next day.

I ended up playing a hand, pocket Aces, and when I was done was able to win the hand with two pair AA33. Someone else had 7744 and their was a flush possibility on the river. I got lucky since I slow played from the beginning and letting more people come into the pot. I should have raised to limit the field and get the 74 out. I will learn from this one that limping to put more money into the pot can sometimes come back to bite you and someone else can take the money you helped build.

I also got the high hand early in the evening of KKK99 and this meant I needed to have the game go till 10pm so I could also get the $100 for having the high hand. When I left at 10pm I was still the leader. I shouldn't have though. The guy next to me played a hand with two jacks on the flop and bet big only to have everyone fold. He turned over his hand and two jacks. He would have been the high hand for the night. If I get this I will consider it a gift.

My night ended well in that I doubled my buy in and still have the chance of adding more money. Bankroll is growing and that does make me happy. I have had two sessions this week of live play and they were both winning sessions.

Now I am off to work for another day.

Have a fun day......

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