Monday, April 16, 2012

New Schedule

After spending time at the Wildhorse Casino I felt ready to get back to the grind of Islands Casino. Saturday was a very busy day and I dealt in three tournaments. When I got home I just sat on the couch and couldn't move.

Sunday was a nice day in that we start with the first tournament at Noon and we had two tables to get things going. Our 3PM had two tables as well and we dealt that tournament until completion at around 6:30PM.

I was asked to stay around for awhile to help get a live game going. My plan was not to play but anytime I can help out I am not going to turn that down. It is important to get something started and then see if it catches on with more people. The game got going before we finished the tournament so it was a about 30 minutes before I got there.

I didn't do my usual buy in since I wasn't planning to stick around very long. I hadn't eaten dinner and I was ready to go home. During this time I had a winning hand of KKK44 which ended up being the high hand so far for the evening. It made the evening interesting and the table got to be fun as well. We had a person talking about women and how he knew all of the ways to enjoy them. I guess that is one way of saying this. He was being so sure of himself.

It was getting late in the evening and I got the black pocket Aces. In our casino on odd days it is the black ones and on even days it is the red ones. If they get cracked then the person wins $100. I was checking and calling trying to get someone to beat the Aces. I ended up with one person and the board was textured for a straight. We made it to the river and when he turned over his cards he did have the straight which beat my one pair. Yes, I get the $100.

We had three to four dealers playing at our table during the session. It was fun to banter back and forth and everyone was trying to beat my High Hand. When we got down to five players the one goal the other four had was to beat my High Hand. We had three dealers and two regular players left. Everytime I saw Kings come up on the board I would watch the hand very carefully. When one of the regulars finally felted we ended up calling it a night at around 11:30PM and I was paid out my $100 for the high hand.

It was a fun session and I was glad I stayed.

Have a fun day.....

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