Wednesday, April 11, 2012


It seems the poker players now days are more concerned with what a dealer gets in tips. Granted we work for minimum wage when we are on the clock. I get to deal cards. Now comes the interesting part. When we are done with a tournament we get very little in tips from the players if at all. Was it bad dealing? They got into the money didn't they? What is ettiquette for tipping the dealers. We split the tips in our casino with all of the dealers that were on at the time.

I usually don't care about how much a person tips but it seems the players are really getting into this right now.

I believe the baseball players need to be tipped on how well they did in the game. Pay them minimum wage and when the fans leave the stadium they can leave a tip at the gate. We could do that for Football players as well. That would be an incentive to do well. What about leaving a tip at the hospital and all the employees get tips depending on how they do their job in getting the patient better. It just seems there are a few areas that get these tips and we need get more areas involved.

As a player I don't say much at the table. My job, as a player, is to watch and listen to the other players to see if I can pick up any information. We have players that will badger other players in the way they play and what they are playing. It just doesn't make any sense to me. All it does is drive those players away and they either get better or they don't play anymore. You loose players.

I had an incident the other day where I had to call the floor over to make a decision and I relayed the story as I saw it. You get other views about what someone else saw all the time. The floor has to make the right decision and listen to the dealer. After I got done my version of the story was not believed and as of the meeting we had last night it proved to me I was still not believed. They would much rather believe a player than their own dealer. What does that tell me?

As a player I bring my money into the casino and will put it at risk just like everyone else. When you are treated like a second class citizen because you are not carrying thousands of dollars I believe your priorities are wrong. I could go back through my books and see how much I spend at the casinos. I think I would be surprised at the numbers. For me I want to get better at playing as well as dealing. Sometimes you are not allowed to do that depending on the agendas of others.

Today I will head back to the casino and deal the tournaments. As I heard someone say once it is a new day. Lets hope it is.

Have a fun day......

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