Sunday, April 01, 2012


I am still here. I have been sick the last few days and not in the mood to write. I did get back to dealing yesterday and it was a long day.

The last tournament I dealt was the Women's Satellite for the Wildhorse Tournament. Dealing to a table to women was very interesting. You talk about ruthless and take no enemies when they play. I heard more talking in this tournament than I hear in the usual tournaments we put on. It was fun to see the difference in play.

I did get to play some live before I went home and doubled my buy in so that was a good day. My bankroll is getting closer to my second number I had in mind. It was actually my first but downgraded it because of all the issues going on in the casino. I am getting close to going back to the casino today to deal some more.

I am thinking about doing something out of the ordinary. Taking some time for myself and travel. Having diabetes and being overweight and now getting the possible peripheral neuropathy is making me think about my health a little bit more. I will possibly write more on that later.

Have a fun day......

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geezer said...

Steve I like following your blog I love your optimism .. keep plugging