Thursday, April 05, 2012


Trying to think of titles for the blogs are so hard. I try to make them close to what I am writing about. Today I decided to just use the day of the week. I guess it works.

I started my day walking around the block like I have every day this week. It is a good start for the day. I replaced writing the blog in the morning with the walk. Putting stuff in the blog now is happening the same day I am writing.

Today was a long day at the casino. We had our morning tournament and it went well. I am getting better at my speed as well as the chips. I am happy where I am at this point in dealing for the casino. I don't think I will ever be a "class A" dealer but it works for me.

At around noon today we started our live game and since the noon tournament wasn't going to take place due to lack of players it was easy to just get started dealing for the duration of the live game. We turned the game over to the next shift at 5PM. We ran this live game for five hours. I dealt one Monte Carlo. I dealt the quad 6's and it was worth $130 to the player.

I was ready to get something to eat and head home.

At home I had to continue my ride to Pomeroy. Today I was scheduled to ride 25 miles. This would be the longest of the week and I am scheduled to get to virtual Pomeroy by tomorrow. I have 25 miles left for the week and will be doing this during the day. I haven't added up the time it has taken me to do 74 miles so far. I will do that tomorrow and will take Saturday off. Achieving 99 miles for the first week is really big.

Even though today was good in many ways I am still fighting some mental thoughts that are bothering me. I am angry at one of my co-workers for getting in my face and basically yelling at me for something I had no part in. Why she would do that in front of the poker table I don't know. I am not sure what I am going to do about this yet. The poker manager that hired me and wouldn't let me give up is leaving and I am not sure how to feel about that. My Mom has been gone almost 2 months now and I am still working through that in my mind. Just so many mental and physical things and I am trying to work through them.

Well, time to get to bed and get ready for tomorrow. I hope to play in the afternoon tournament.

Have a fun day.......

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