Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Missed Monday

Sunday was a day of just one tournament. The weekend was slow for us in the casino. I had Monday off so it felt like I had two days off. Monday I decided to take my Dad to lunch and I also purchased two Kindle Fires. Now you know what I was doing all afternoon. I was loading up the Kindle with some applications and getting my books on there so I could start using it as well. I got my wife one for her birthday coming up as well and now she can read her books on the kindle as well. Trying to be more frugal and thinking of ways to save money. I am working on getting rid of our Landline phone as well as downgrading from the iPhones to just basic phones. The Kindles will fill in for us. I understand trying to find the hotspots and that will be fine as well. Keeping up with Twitter and Facebook on the go is not important to me as texting. Right now the phones are in my target sight. I am reading a new book as well from Rob Tucker. This one is about Cash Games and the business part of it. I find it interesting and some of it I am doing already. Will put some of it on my blog as well. Right now must get ready for work. Have a fun day......

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