Thursday, April 12, 2012

Blood Sugars and Dealing

I started out working at 8:45 putting the chips on the tables and doing overall getting ready for the first tournament. I felt good and everything was working smoothly.

I worked the first tournament without incident. I was a little bit frightened to have my first all ins because I knew they would start talking to me and what was I going to say to them to keep them quiet and let me do my job. I never happened and I was grateful for that. Today may be a different story.

When I finished the final table I got the room cleaned up and the chips ready for the next tournament. Once I had that done I immediately went over and pushed the person in the live box and took over that game until the tournament started.

I closed down the live game and immediately sat down at table 2 this time and started to deal. I must have gotten to about one hour of this tournament and I knew I was in trouble. I was not feeling well, I was starting to shake. I wondered if I could push on and make it to the break. Thank goodness I decided to ask the poker manager to come over and order me a pop to drink and then get me out of the box for a bit. I turned around and looked at the table and I don't remember much. My questions were what are the chip amounts and where are we at for the table. I could hear the poker manager in the middle of the hand tell me to put the hand down and move.

What I do remember was drinking the pop and starting to feel like I could think again and my shaking went away. I did eventually finish the tournament at the final table but it was a little scary for me in that this has never happened to me before. I will take a snack bar with me today.

I have been trying to monitor my Blood Sugars closer and I have succeeded in bringing them down but when I do that I need to make sure I am eating at good intervals.

Today I will be headed to Pendleton, OR for the Spring Round-Up. I plan on staying the night and will play live tonight and then the tournament tomorrow. Just a little bit of a getaway for me to have some fun and do something different.

Have a fun day......

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