Friday, April 13, 2012


After the tournaments were done on Thursday I headed out to Pendleton to play some live and a tournament at the Wildhorse Casino.

As I came up the hill out of Pendleton, OR I was able to see a pretty big building about 3 miles away. I wondered if that was the new Wildhorse Hotel and Casino. As I got closer to the exit it was obvious that this was the new and improved casino.

I haven't been to Wildhorse in almost two years. I enjoy playing the Round-ups but haven't had the time to go. I was going to make the most of it this time around.

I checked in to my room and then headed out to see the new spacious area. The poker area for this was still in their main room. The table games are the same and they added a whole bunch of slot machines. Things are more spread out and it is nice.

I met one of the area players and we discussed the live game and the tournament going on that night. I decided to play the tournament instead of live due to the chance at a good payout. I signed up for the Super Satellite and the #1 tournament the next day.

We had 171 players signed up for the satellite and I will say that I was busted 47th and 36 players were going to be paid $500 each. So close but just didn't have the chips to make it to the end.

Today was another tournament and we had 548 players sign up and I busted in 144th with the money being distributed starting with the 54th player. Again the chips I had just were not going to last to get me to the end.

I really enjoyed my time at the Casino. Very nice people and they made it fun to be there. Now I am ready to get back to Islands and deal to our customers.

Have a fun day.....

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