Monday, April 02, 2012

Gator on the Prowl

Sunday was back for dealing again. It must get old just hearing about another day at the table. We did have the Noon tournament and after that we had the live game going. For some reason we are getting more players coming in than we have had the last few weeks. The rumors are flying about what is going to happen with the casino and if we will even have jobs. I am just happy to keep going until they tell me to stop.

I don't get to play very often but the times I have I try to put a good showing at the table. I have been able to cash in two tournaments in the last two weeks so it allowed me to pay the lesser amount for the Player of the Week tournament. Since we didn't have the tournament last week due to the Wildhorse satellites this week the pot was a little bit bigger.

I asked to play in this tournament instead of dealing. I was given the okay to play so I clocked out and got prepared to sit down and play. The tournament started out great and I was playing my strategy and was able to win some pots to keep going.

I am called "Croc" in the casino because of my name. You know the Australian guy who died playing with the sting ray. I am a complete opposite and not a fan of animals that can hurt you. Of course, when I am playing at the table I am not afraid to let people know that the croc is on the prowl looking for pots.

I was able to get to the final table and my chip stack was growing. I was feeling good and so far my hands were holding up. I tried to take a couple of people out but couldn't get the right cards to come. We were able to get down to five players and we had been going at it now for 3 1/2 hours. We were just passing chips around at this point. I was chip leader so I put out the offer to chop the pot at five players and end this game.

I would have liked to keep going and get a couple more to go out. Since I have a diabetic issue and having not eaten yet I was getting tired. I had asked for some pop but the server never came back.

We did indeed chop this at five and we all made over $100 for our efforts. I was alright with this and we can move on. I will add that I was able to increase my bankroll and have reached my second number that I wanted in the first place but since the rumors I had set my goal lower. Now I made the second amount and am really happy. This also makes the third tournament in three weeks I have cashed.

I decided not to take that personal time I was talking about and I am putting my efforts in more tournament play as well as dealing as long as the casino stays open. Remember that horse blog? I will ride as long as I can.

Today was a day off and now I will get back at it tomorrow and deal a couple of tournaments.

Have a fun day......

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