Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Rumor Mill

I enjoy going to work on Tuesdays. They have been pretty big days for the tournament schedule. We would start the day with a $2 tournament and then go into a $24 tournament that would offer T$6,000 in chips and we would get a good turnout. That has changed in the last month or so and we finally stopped putting this one together.

We started doing the $2 tournament back to back and have been doing very well. The players accepted this and are back to playing in the noon tournament on Tuesdays. The big tournament of the week is the evening one at $65 with T$20,000 in chips. This one will get over 50 players and the payout is good as well. I don't deal this one and with the caliber of player I am glad I don't.

The last month we have had rumors flying about the casino and what is happening around us. I really dislike rumors and will not pass them on here but they just don't stop. It would be nice if someone would just come out and say what is happening to us as dealers and employees. We are hanging together as a team and will do what we need to do to keep going.

I have started something new and I hope this will help me with my medical condition. I am trying to ride on a daily basis the recumbant bike and the mileage I put in is getting to actual towns. Right now I am working on a 99 mile section and yesterday I put in 14 miles. Tonight I would like to put in 15 miles and get closer to the town I need to get to. The end result will put me in Washington DC. Lets see how long it takes me to get there. It would be fun to see actual pictures of where I will be at certain times. I have a map on the wall but pictures would be great. I will have to work on that one.

Have a fun day......

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