Saturday, April 21, 2012

Frustration Day

My day off from dealing poker at the Island Casinio. I went and visited my Dad and then I did go to the casino to play in a 12:30 tournament. Now that Wildhorse is having their Spring Round-Up our games, just like the rest of the casinos around here, have had a hard time getting the numbers. The Noon tournament did not go off. It was cancelled. The 3PM was cancelled as well. I ended up playing live $2-$6 Spread all afternoon. I left at around 4:30 to go home because I needed to reload on my money. I lost a whole buy in for this session. You talk about frustration I had it big time. I started looking at what happens in the afternoon when I play and I am usually loose buy ins during this time. I will have to either stop playing or figure out why and fix the leak. The 6PM tournament did play and I was signed up. I took my seat at table 3 and I venture to guess it was the hardest table of the three. There was some very good players and they were mixing it up early. I just played my game and watched and when I had a hand I would come out and bet. I ended up felting three players at this table. I then was moved to Table 1 and this was good news for me. I had chips and this meant I was not moving and I could watch and play against the people that where here. I did well at the start and was chipping up again by making appropriate moves. I made one mistake and it hurt my chipstack slightly. It did open the door for some plays that I tried to make to get back into the game and I couldn't make it happen. I was leaking chips fast. I probably shoulded sat back and watched a little more but that is not what I did. I did make it to the final table and there was eight of us. The prize pool was $700 and I was looking to see if I could get to that final 4. Not to be I went out in eighth place trying to hang on. I ended up playing a K8 and was called by K10 and a 10 came on the turn. Good tournament. I will try to learn something from this and then try it again. Right now I am reading about flopping big cards and what to do with them. What about one pair on the flop and playing them. Some of that hit me during the tournament. Did I play them right? Have a good day........

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