Thursday, November 29, 2012

Another Day of the Same

Yes, just another day of rain here in the pacific northwest. Usually over here on the east side of the state we don't normally see a lot of rain. We just put up with it and then the sun comes out and we forget that it did rain. I played some Micro poker last night and I did not do well. This may be the fastest I go through the $5. Once it is gone that is it. No more retry. I am playing the .02-.05 NL cash game. I was doing alright at the start and then I got involved in a hand that I should have let go and didn't. Once that happened I continued to try and get the money back by playing more hands. At that amount of $$ everyone wants to see the the flop, turn, and river. I just got disgusted and before you know it I was down and that was it. One of the other things I am trying to do is play at least 50 hands before I stop. Another day and we will see how I do. I woke up last night and reached over for my scooter to get on and go to the bathroom. As I got up, I moved my leg with the boot on it, and set it down on the cushion of the scooter and I started to fall. My foot hit the wheel of the scooter and I brushed up on the closet door. I ended up with weight on my right foot, which had the surgery done, and I moved quickly to get myself upright. I made noise in the bathroom as I couldn't get the door closed behind me. Nothing like waking my wife up doing all of this. I try to be independent during this but then I end up hurting myself in the process. I called Worksource yesterday and found out I scored 100% on my assessment test on the Windows 7 Operating System. I will go in next week and work on the next class which will be on microcomputer concepts. This shouldn't take me very long and then I will be good to go in January at the college. This is a whole different story and will get into it at some later time. I will be glad when this stuff is all done. Have a fun day...... Bankroll = $230 Bankroll = $3.15

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