Sunday, November 18, 2012

I Will Never Learn

I went down to Joker's Casino last night to play some $2-$4 limit. I did go down and waited for the table to open up so we could play. There were six of us that started the game and that meant each of us started with the extra $10 in our chip stack. My buy in was for $20. Starting with $30 with the extra was nice. I started playing my usual strategy and got the stack up to $50 and at that point I started thinking about getting up and leaving with the profit. We lost one of our players and put us at five and if I would have gotten up to leave that would have killed the game. We had been playing about an hour at that time. I have always had an issue with getting up and leaving thinking people would think bad of me if I did that. I don't like the hit and run type of player but then again I like to leave with a profit as well. I ended up staying an extra thirty minutes and in that time I ended up giving all of the money back to the table. So, instead of getting up and leaving with a profit and an increase in the bankroll I leave being $20 down in the bankroll. Good job steve. Today I am going to play in the Freeroll and see if I can get another seat in the final table. It would mean we would have one less player and we would be closer to the money. This will be week number eight and that will leave one more week and then the final nine will play for the $1,000 prize pool. Have a fun day..... Bankroll = $210

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FlushDraww said...

"I have always had an issue with getting up and leaving thinking people would think bad of me if I did that."

Steve, Steve, Steve what are we going to do with you, lol. Remember, your job is to earn profit at the poker table, not to make friends, not to care who thinks what of you, but simply to earn profit using whatever legitimate methods are available to you. It's your money and you have the right to do with it as you wish and that includes putrting it in your pocket and walking away.

Also remember this. Variance will effect our cash games both for the good and bad. Over the long term your going to make a certain amount of big blinds per hour or per 100 hands played. If your making more than that for a specific time period variance will give some of it back, it is unavoidable, so if your having a really good session of say a $50 profit in a relatively short amount of time, walking away with it will help keep the variance leveled out.