Friday, November 30, 2012

Sunny Weather

Things change on a dime around this part of the northwest. We are drying out a bit and with the clouds moving away it will be a cold one tonight. It would be nice to head south for the winter. A small group of us went for lunch yesterday at Red Lobster. It was fun, small group being three, and enjoyable to sit and talk and eat some seafood. Being housebound at this time it is nice to get out any time I can. During our lunch we got a text about a company looking for dealers for their parties they were putting on. They call them casino nights and people are having them for their christmas parties or whatever. They are having so many of them right now they are running out of dealers to help out. Doesn't sound like a bad idea and I decided to get ahold of them when I got home to see what they were about. Having never heard of anything like this before. I did send the email off and got a reply saying they would like it if I wanted to join them during this party and deal the Blackjack game with them. I am definitely going to do this as I am not working right now anyway. It should be fun and some extra money. I say "extra" but not really. I am not sure what this will do with my unemployment but I will have to report this to them when it takes place. I am not sure if this affects my college stuff as well. It isn't a job but it is earning money. Unemployement does frown on that. I was told yesterday that one of the guys that is in the final nine playing this weekend is already making deals for the money and we all have not had a chance to sit down at the table yet. This will be interesting to see what happens. I would like to see all nine of us get some part of the $1,000 prize pool and play the game as usual. Any money in this tournament is positive since it was a freeroll anyway. I was able to get first place of $50 and a third place of $25 gift card during the nine weeks and this is the icing on the cake to get some of the prize pool. I know I am a very happy camper if I can play poker. Being housebound just makes it difficult. Have a fun day..... Bankroll = $230 Bankroll = $3.15

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