Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Week

Surgery was done on Wednesday. Thanksgiving is done and now we are in Black Friday the shopping nightmare. This past Monday I was able to take my test at WorkSource and I felt I passed it with no issues. The test took me about 40 minutes and I was done and out of the center and on my way home. There were so many things to get completed before I have the surgery done. I now have one more class to complete in the month of December and I will be right on track. On Monday afternoon I received a call from Columbia Basin College wanting me to come in and go through the orientation on Tuesday instead of November 27th. I was good with this as it will be another item done, during the surgery time, and since I will be non weight bearing it means I can get this done and will have an appointment December 4 with WorkSource. The meeting went well and I will be starting my classes in Computer Science in Janurary. I will be a student again and this time will be going for a Certificate for Customer Help Desk. On Wednesday I showed up at the hospital at 6am. The surgery started around 7:30 and I was back home around 11am. The foot is very painful right now and I am taking my pain meds as directed. I am hoping this will go well and the pain in my foot will go away and I can start my weight loss program again. Being off of my feet and not driving for three weeks will be hard. Thursday was Thanksgiving and having my family around was nice. I may not have been all that alert but it was nice having them here. My wife put in a lot of work for the meal and then taking care of me as well. I am hoping to be able to play some poker on Sunday. This is the final weekly event before the final table on December 2. I only plan on playing the tournament and not play any live afterwards. I am rethinking about my goal of reaching the $500 bankroll before playing in a larger game. I could reach that level playing the bigger games instead of piecemealing it with the lower game. If I play like I should I could get this up in a faster timeframe. Or, it could drop and then I would have to play the $2-$4 level anyway. At least I could try it out. Have a fun day...... Bankroll = $230

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