Monday, November 26, 2012

Weekend is Done

I did nothing over the weekend. I was unable to go down to Joker's Casino on Sunday to play in the final freeroll event. There are nine of us that will be headed back to the casino next Sunday to play in the final. This should be fun and the money available is good. Today is my post-op day with my doctor. I still have at least a week and a half of no weight bearing on the foot. I can't drive since this is my right foot. Makes it hard to go do some of the things I need to do. My pick-up sits out front and no one to drive it. At least I still have my bankroll and maybe I can get it to grow by adding money into it for the next couple of weeks. I will also be starting another bankroll for a micro poker game I will be starting to play. It will have $5 to start. I will use it to start playing cash games first. Have a fun day..... Bankroll = $230 Bankroll = $5

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Get Well Soon