Saturday, November 17, 2012

Friday Poker

Every once in a while I will get to play in a poker home game. Getting ready for the Monday exam and playing some Saturday live poker. I have been working on completing the Windows 7 operating system and I am taking the test on Monday. Hopefully I will get through this and will be ready to go on to the next class. That will be in a few weeks though once I am able to get back on my feet and drive. I played in a home game last night. It was a $5 buy in and we had a full table. I played a tight conservative game waiting for the cards before I would put money into the pot. This is my usual anyway so nothing changed. I haven't played with these players in quite some time so my knowledge of them was from months past. The table was mostly loose aggressive and my position was good as well. I just waited and in fact I played very few hands in the first tournament. I ended up chopping when we got down to two players. We did start a second game for the same buy in and I tried to open up my game a little bit an ended up in third place. At least I got my money back for the second game. The night ended with an increase to the bankroll by $20 and that was good as well. I had fun and hopefully we can get a live game started soon with this group. Tonight I am looking at going down to the casino and playing some live $2-$4 limit. They have a special going that if you start at the table you will recieve an extra $10 with your buy in. That would be a good start to see if I can increase the bankroll from there. Have a fun day..... Bankroll = $230

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lightning36 said...

Any night with a bankroll increase is a good night -- not to mention getting to play poker!